Postmortem Push-sticks

Screenprint on Maple Plywood

Hand - 11" x 4" x 1/2"

Skull - 8" x 6" x 1/2"


Plucked from the most decrepit of graves and re-animated deep in the underground lab of Appalachian State's Fine Arts building, these once lifeless remains have been resurrected and repurposed to safely aid in the cutting of wood or metal through sharp and often blood-thirsty machinery such as the table-saw, table router, bandsaw, jointer and planer.

Reinforced by rigor mortis and devoid of pain, these push-sticks are designed to help push material through machinery, keep your hands at a safe distance from the cut and in the event of a poorly-timed, yet predictable slip-up, take the brunt of a blade while saving you a few fingers and a trip to the hospital.

The push-sticks have been drilled for a hook, filed down to prevent bone splinters, and clear-coated to help contain the smell and slow the process of decomposition.

Whether you're cutting wood to build your next coffin or to bar the doors and windows against the dead, these push-sticks will give you an extra hand (or head) to help get the job done safely and laceration-free.

Prints were pulled on two sides of 1/2" maple plywood, sealed with polyurethane and are an open edition. Due to the variation of the wood-grain, every push-stick is unique and will look different than the sample images.



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