Photopolymer Intaglio

95" x 49" ea.


I find myself drawn to dark energy of the natural world. Not in a destructive or wicked sense, but a connection with elements that give us chills, yet inspire us to reflect deeply on our sense of purpose, like witnessing the dark side of the moon or enduring frigid, howling winds that scrape across vast empty deserts.

With a background in aviation maintenance, my work became meticulously detailed, precise and thorough; the same habits required to build reliable structures and keep machines running smoothly. But with tight control, came creative block. Through alternative processes in printmaking and photography, this work aimed to liberate me from strenuous control and instead let the imagery create itself.

I connect with this imagery considering that I spent my youth fluctuating between the high and low ends of bipolar depression. I never knew the right or wrong way to feel or to think and I became drawn to a darker, more introverted self, but in that darkness, I found warmth, comfort, and inspiration. 

Prints were pulled on individual sheets of Somerset Satin rag paper and are 1/1. The sheets were overlapped and adhered using Gudy 831 archival-safe adhesive and backed with Stonehenge rag paper.

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